Community Based Mentoring

The MoRE for Kids Community Based Program matches and supports the mentoring relationships that take place outside of the school system. All of our volunteers go through an interview process and background check before committing to spending six to sixteen hours a month with one of our mentees. The MoRE for Kids family also gets together every month for special group events, such as fishing trips, SkyZone, swimming parties, and so on. We are always looking for more volunteers to help at our events or become mentors or board members.

Being a mentor is a rewarding, enjoyable experience. You have a chance to influence a child’s present and future just by spending time with him or her and creating a relationship. Our mentors include their mentees in many fun activities they already enjoy. They take them hiking, biking, out to eat, or to see a move. They explore zoos and parks and go on scavenger hunts and to ball games. Often they do simple things like bake cookies or complete puzzles or play board games together at home. Together is the key word. It’s just the simple idea of being present and making space and time to be together with a child and touch a life.

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